Online singing lessons

Skype or Zoom

One on one online singing lessons

  • discussing your singing goals
  • vocal warm up, breathing methods and excercises
  • practising a song of your choice
  • improving vocal techique
  • lyrics interpretation and storytelling


You and your mentor will design an individual plan based on your goals!

Beatbox lessons

Learn how to beatbox and create all the basic or advance beatbox sounds

Whether you are a new singer, looking to learn about your voice, or advance singer with a goal: Perpetuum Jazzile mentors will help you with your vocal improvement.

Lesson packages

Duration 1 lesson 5 lesson package

(10% discount)

10 lesson package

(15% discount)

30 min 39,00 € 175,50 € 331,50 €
45 min 49,00 € 220,50 € 416,50 €
60 min 59,00 € 265,50 € 501,50 €
VAT is included

Our vocal coaches

Ana Marčun

Music is Ana’s companion since childhood. She finished basic piano musical training at Music School Radovljica. In her career, she has collaborated with different groups and musical projects, covering multiple musical genres, such as pop, rock, close harmony, swing and etno.

Ana joined Perpetuum Jazzile in 2008. Since 2017, she has been a member of the music leadership team. After years of individual singing education with professor Maja Bevc and further musical training with world-renowned mentors, such as Solia Sariola, Zvezdana Novaković, Tine Fris, Singe Soresen, Lene Norgaard, Peder Karlsson, Merel Martens, Kim Nazarian and Peter Eldridge she has decided to pass her knowledge forward. She has been a vocal coach since 2018.

Nastja Vodenik

Nastja Vodenik joined Perpetuum Jazzile in 2012, she has been the group’s choreographer since 2015 and a member of the artistic leadership team since 2016.

Nastja is a former competitive dancer. She finished basic musical training. Since joining PJ, she has worked with vocal coach Maja Bevc regularly and she has further improved her musical and pedagogical knowledge by attending the world-renowned festivals and workshops: Aarhus Vocal Festival (Aarhus, Denmark), RAMA Vocal Centre Festival (Aalborg, Denmark), The Real Group festival (Stockholm, Sweden), BOSS A Cappella Festival (Boston, Massachusetts). Besides PJ, her rich vocal experience include performing in different genre-versatile music groups, musicals and other projects, in which she is a soloist or a backing vocalist.

Matej Virtič 

Matej Virtič is a collector, performer and over-all enthusiast of a cappella music. He believes that relationships are the essence of life and to better our relationships, we constantly have to improve our communication skills. That also includes our musical communication skills.

Matej is a member of various a cappella groups, a choir leader and a soloist. He leads workshops for singers, groups and choirs, he was even a guitar teacher in the past. As a vocal percussionist and beatboxer, he often goes by the artistic name “Vocal Drum’n’Bass” and is one of the few Slovene professionals in that field. He leads beatbox workshops and is famous for his excellent pedagogical skills. In the past, he judged Slovene National Beatbox Championships twice. In his career, he has collaborated with many respected Slovene and foreign artists and won many music awards with his groups and choirs.